Arna’s Children: tells the story of a theatre group that was established by Arna Mer Khamis. Arna comes from a Zionist family and in the 1950s married a Palestinian Arab, Saliba Khamis.

Al Nakba: A documentary made by Al-Jazeera Network about The Catastrophe, Al Nakba, 1948. “The Tragedy did not start in forty-eight, did not end in forty-eight.”

Children of Gaza: This documentary focuses on the lives of a few of the children living in that small strip of Palestinian land whose lives were devastated when Israel launched its military attack on their homes.

Occupation 101: A thought-provoking and powerful documentary film on the current and historical root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Tears of Gaza: Tears of Gaza by by Vibeke Lokkeberg. A powerful and emotionally devastating record of the impact the 2008-2009 bombings of Gaza had on the civilian population.


Um Khamel: A moving interview, made by my mother, Rehab Nazzal, with Um Khamel about her expulsion from her home in Jerusalem where ethnic cleansing is common practise.

Sheikh Nasri House Demolition: A strong interview we did with a Jab’a resident the day his house was demolished.


Salt of this Sea: A beautiful film about a Palestinian woman born in Brooklyn and her return to Palestine.

Paradise now: What drives people to become suicide bombers? Hany Abu-Assad’s drama about two Palestinians who strap explosives to their bodies is an eye-opener.

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