Deir Istia: another martyr

I spent the days before Eid in an incredibly beautiful village named Deir Istia.

We just heard word that this afternoon, Deir Istia has gained another martyr. Father of five, Abdullah Mutaled Al-Mashni was run over and killed by an Illegal Israeli settler while going home from the olive harvest on his donkey. The settler is presumed to be from the nearby Illegal settlement Revava – founded on Palestinian land in 1991 and occupied since.

Hopefully we will get more info and write something in depth once things settle down a bit.

Sorting through the olives.

For a few days I worked with a very kind family with a powerful story in relation to their land – but I’m not quite ready to publish it, so for now I’ll share the nice side of their story, their beautiful home, their children, their land, their village.

A kind of underground oven over charcoal; a lid is put over the barrel and is covered with earth and left to cook for hours, even over night.

Deir Istia has been beautifully maintained thanks to several organizations dedicated to preserving and restoring historic buildings. The village has been alive since the christian era in Palestine, and has been quite well documented since the 1300s when it was a village prescribed to send lentils and other produce to Hebron.

Buildings in the Old City of Deir Istia

The window-like shapes in the wall were used to hold oil lamps/torches. The roof on this room is in the process of being rebuilt to resemble its original state.

Above, there is a room like this atop each of the four entrances to the old city. The elders of the village used to meet in these rooms to make decisions for the village.

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